How Wesley’s Small Group Changed the World

Critics called them “The Holy Club.” John and Charles Wesley and friends sought to practice New Testament Christianity as strictly as possible, and the results speak for themselves. God used them to spark global spiritual awakening. Looking for the same today? Join a Day and Night group for the Great Experiment, October 2018.

The following is an excerpt from Christianity Today’s article, “The Holy Club.”

The Holy Club never exceeded twenty-five members, but many of those made significant contributions, in addition to those of Charles and John Wesley. John Gambold later became a Moravian bishop. John Clayton became a distinguished Anglican churchman. James Hervey became a noted religious writer. Benjamin Ignham became a Yorkshire evangelist. Thomas Brougham became secretary of the SPCK. George Whitefield, who joined the club just before the Wesleys departed for Georgia, was associated both with the Great Awakening in America and the Evangelical Revival in England.

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