The Sixth Great Awakening: America’s Only Hope

Corporate spiritual uprisings have formed America’s identity and prosperity. Do you know this history? If not, you’ll not understand why a national Christian revival is what we need now.

The following is an excerpt from Robert J. Morgan’s blog post "The Sixth Great Awakening: America’s Only Hope" on

I recently read a bleak assessment on Christianity in America: “Look at how the glory is departing. You that are aged can remember 50 years ago when the churches were in their glory. What a change there has been! Time was when the churches were beautiful. Many people were converted and willingly declared what God had done for their souls, and there were added to the churches daily such as should be saved. But conversions have become rare in this day. Look into the pulpits and see if there is such a glory as there once was. The glory is gone. The special design of providence in this country seems to be now over. We weep to think about it.”

Those words (I’ve condensed and paraphrased them) came from a sermon by Rev. Increase Mather in 1702. It reminds us that every generation is jeopardized by spiritual lethargy, yet God has a way of sending periodic revivals. Five of these awakenings have shaped the moral foundation of our nation, and we’re in need of a sixth.

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  • Diana Osborne
    commented 2017-11-08 10:47:24 -0500
    I agree with this message. We need Revival in our land. Praying daily for Revival. Thank you for sharing this message. May God bless you abundantly !!! Love and prayers, Diana Osborne