The Current Quest for Revival in America

Is a nationwide spiritual movement afoot? Anyone interested in that question should be familiar with these two books:

Bill Bright, The Coming Revival (buy it here from Amazon)

Lou Engle, The Jesus Fast (buy it here from Amazon)

In The Coming Revival, Bright tells how God spoke to him about a coming revival to America. In doing so, Bright explains why he began promoting forty day fasts. Bright also felt God leading him to rally together hundreds of Christian leaders for three days of prayer and fasting. The response was surprisingly well attended and left an indelible imprint on all present. That assembly even sent a letter to national governing officials with a united Christian voice.

Lou Engle writes what he considers to be Volume 2 of Bright’s book. The Jesus Fast also promotes forty day fasts as the primary means of welcoming the next great work of God in the US. Engle believes that Bright was like a John the Baptist. Now it is time for American Christians to fast forty days in order to prepare the way for the Christ to come to our land by His Spirit.