Do Prayer Movements Work?

June 11, 2017 prayer

Excerpt from “A Prayer Meeting that Lasted 100 Years” by Leslie K. Tarr FACT: The...

What does it mean to wait on God?

June 08, 2017 prayer

Waiting… We don’t like to wait for anything - including God - in our culture....

More of God

June 01, 2017 prayer

God’s greatest gift to the world is Himself. So what do we mean when we...

Pray with Passion!

May 04, 2017 prayer

Break the barrier of formality in prayer. Pray with all that is within you, just...

Pioneer in Prayer

April 28, 2017 prayerrevival

Thousands of individuals have joined our Prayer Movement for the next great work of God...

Avoiding Disappointment in Prayer

April 22, 2017 prayer

Have you ever felt let down by God? This two minute video can help you...

Rebel Against the Status Quo = Pray

April 18, 2017 prayerdavid wells

Prayer is too often misconstrued as merely a sanitary, peaceful exercise. Prayer should also be...

Prayer and the Victory of God

April 12, 2017 prayerPiper

Do you feel like praying for big things like “God’s kingdom to come” are outside...

The Theology of Revival Praying

February 06, 2017 bookprayerrevival

Find out why we need to promote united and extraordinary prayer for spiritual renewal.