Discover the strategy behind the two parallel initiatives of the Day and Night movement.

God can work in any way He pleases, but He has taught us that He ordinarily uses means to accomplish His ends. What are God's chosen means to bring about a nationwide spiritual awakening? The strategy God has given to us at Day and Night consists of two parallel initiatives.


First, we are mobilizing thousands of Christians to fervently pray for sweeping spiritual transformation of America. We share the same conviction of so many Christian leaders down through the centuries: every great work of God is preceded by a great movement of united, extraordinary prayer.

"No great spiritual awakening has begun anywhere in the world apart from united prayer." Dr. J. Edwin Orr (1912-1987)

The Bible is the primary basis for our emphasis on united, extraordinary prayer. Revival history simply proves the promises of God in the Scripture. Praying, oftentimes together, day and night is the Lord's baseline standard for His people (e.g., Luke 18:1-8; Acts 2:42-48). United, extraordinary prayer is not supposed to be unusual.

Jesus taught and modeled the need to pray in order realize the promises of the Father. His practice was to withdraw to seek the Father so that He might do the will of God (Luke 5:16; Hebrews 5:7). Jesus taught His disciples that the Father gives the Holy Spirit to them when they ask, seek, and knock with shameless persistence (Luke 11:5-13). The apostles didn't miss Jesus' example and His instruction; they followed His example literally (Acts 6:4) and received the Holy Spirit's fullness as promised (Acts 4:31). Extraordinary prayer was typical and expected for the most "ordinary" believer (1 Timothy 5:5). We have only mentioned New Testament examples, but the Old Testament is replete with individuals from Moses to Nehemiah who have realized the power and promises of God as a result of much prayer.

Jesus taught His disciples that the Father gives the Holy Spirit to them when they ask, seek, and knock with shameless persistence (Luke 11:5-13).

If you travel to places around the world where God is moving in monumental ways, you will find a praying Church. The American Church has largely overlooked the biblical mandate to pray day and night. Our hope is to see Jesus' words fulfilled and to see the resulting fruit follow.


Secondly, every 8-12 weeks we sponsor a new Move where we join together to take a step to promote revival. Prayer by itself is not the only means God has given us to continue the ministry of Jesus. We must take courageous action that breaks the status quo. Sometimes that means we must humble ourselves in a much more dramatic way through greater fasting. Sometimes that means that we must push ourselves to share the gospel more intentionally and frequently. Each Move will help believers take the next step in advancing a culture of revival in our country, in addition to prayer.

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