Rebel Against the Status Quo = Pray

Prayer is too often misconstrued as merely a sanitary, peaceful exercise. Prayer should also be rebellion, says David Wells. In this article Wells explains how Jesus’ teaching on prayer is tantamount to “rebelling against the status quo.” 

“[I]t must be asserted that petitionary prayer only flourishes where there is a twofold belief: first, that God’s name is hallowed too irregularly, his kingdom has come too little, and his will is done too infrequently; second, that God himself can change this situation. Petitionary prayer, therefore, is the expression of the hope that life as we meet it, on the one hand, can be otherwise and, on the other hand, that it ought to be otherwise. It is therefore impossible to seek to live in God’s world on his terms, doing his work in a way that is consistent with who he is, without engaging in regular prayer.”  To read the full article, visit

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