Increase Prayer in Your Church

Many Christians know that we need more prayer but don’t know how to make that happen. How can we raise the level of prayer in our churches? Here’s some strategic wisdom that can make your church an outpost of prayer for spiritual revival.

The following is an excerpt of “How to Launch a Church Prayer Ministry” by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick with Nic Allen.

If you look at the history of the church, the history of revivals, of great awakenings, it always was connected to people unifying and praying for the Lord to work in that situation. And that's what we want to happen in our generation. …

Your church's prayer strategy will likely mirror your overall vision to reach the community for Christ and grow believers into mature followers of Christ. Prayer, however, cannot simply be one small component of a successful Christian walk. It is a devotional mark that governs every area of life. The way you elevate Christ in your church will be tantamount to how you value prayer in your church. As you strategize the best way to cultivate a thriving prayer ministry in your church, know that it is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit to call believers deeper into fellowship with Him. As people grow in faith, their lives of prayer deepen. As their prayer lives deepen, every part of your strategy multiplies and God receives glory.

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