How to Pray as You Share the Gospel

Evangelist, Reinhart Bonkee said, “Evangelism without intercession is like an explosive without a detonator; intercession without evangelism is like a detonator without an explosive.” This article gives you 11 Biblical prayers you can use as you pray for friends and family before and after you share the Gospel with them.

“If you have friends and family whom you’d like to accept Christ as their Savior, you can add power to your witness by praying Scripture over them… Just insert the person’s name in the spaces provided and put your heart into each prayer.

God, make ______’s heart receptive to your Word.

Like the seed that falls on good soil, give ______ a noble and good heart, help him hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop. (Luke 8:11-15)”

Read all 11 prayer points here: