Resources for Participants of The Great Experiment

Christian Union Day and Night welcomes you as an individual participant in the Great Experiment, May 1-31, 2018! We thank God for your commitment to Him and are praying for you.

Timeline for the Great Experiment

  • Now: Watch the videos below on this page and read the articles to prepare for this great event.
  • Tuesday, May 1: The Great Experiment Begins! Every day starting today, follow the Great Experiment Commitment.
  • All Participants’ Video-conference Prayer and Testimony Calls to be announced during May.
  • Thursday, May 31: The Great Experiment Ends!

Daily emails: As a Great Experiment participant, you'll receive a daily email will include a recommended Scripture reading and prayer guide for each day as well as a reminder to follow the Great Experiment commitment.

All-participant prayer calls: One of the most exciting aspects to the Great Experiment is that Christians from around the nation are seeking God in the same way at the same time. Numerous times in May, we will join together on a video-conference call (phone-only option available too) to meet, share testimonies, and pray together. Schedule to be announced.

Inspiring Videos

Watch this video about how the Great Experiment was used by God at Asbury College in 1970, particularly from the 31:52 mark.

Watch this six-minute video about the Welsh Revival.

Read “Seven Principles of a Seeking God Lifestyle” by Christian Union.

Additional Resources

We encourage you to visit our Latest Articles page for many more videos and articles which will strengthen you as you lead others toward the goal of national revival.

God bless you as you embark on this exciting spiritual journey! May God use you as an important part of His work to revive His church and awaken our nation to the glory of Jesus!

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