Obedience to our Lord Jesus is a vital part of our relationship with Him. Seek Him at the start of the new year to walk in faithfulness to Him. And join Christians across America to seek God’s transforming work for our nation in 2022. Prioritize your relationship with Christ. Seek the Lord. Realign your heart. Intercede for your community.

You will receive a daily devotion each day of the fast to guide your prayers. Daily devotions will also help cultivate your ability to hear the Lord and fill you with conviction to obey His voice. May His name be magnified through us in 2022, as we abide in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Details: Each signed-up participant will receive a daily Bible-based devotional by email. 

Each participant will decide how to abstain from food and/or drink during this fast. The Bible provides different examples of fasting, from eating only one meal per day to forgoing all foods for multiple days in a row. Only rarely and in very exceptional circumstances does someone abstain from both food and drink. Ask God how you should fast, and please consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about fasting. The most important part of fasting is the humbling of our hearts to seek after God. Check out these resources, especially if fasting is new to you: What You’ve Always Wondered about Fasting and Modern Resources on Fasting.

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