Ten-Day Fast

Monday, January 20 - Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Join fellow Christians across America in a ten-day fast (fasting from food). Participants will follow the example of men and women of Scripture who humbled themselves and sought the Lord through fasting. Our country needs the spiritual renewal that only God can bring. May He hear our cry and answer!

Starting Monday, January 20, 2020, participants will seek God through the biblical practice of fasting. You may choose to fast from all foods for the entire ten days—drinking only liquids—or you may choose to fast one or two meals each day. For some, health limitations will require a different type of fast (see fasting resources). However God leads you, we are thrilled to have you be a part.

Please sign up below to participate! As a participant, you will receive a special devotional by email each morning of the fast offering encouragement as you devote yourself to the Lord in humility through fasting. Our theme for this fast is “Undefiled,” and the ten daily devotions will draw from the example of Daniel, a man of God who refused to conform to the ungodly culture in which he lived.

May God draw near and bring spiritual renewal to us and to our nation as we seek Him through prayer and fasting!

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Stand Firm and Take Action

Wednesday, January 29
Devotional for Day 10

He shall seduce with flattery those who violate the covenant, 
but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.
- Daniel 11:32

This passage refers to Antiochus IV who dominated Judah for a period in the 2nd century BC, forbidding Jews to worship God as the law prescribes, and desecrating the temple. All who refused were put to death. It was an incredibly difficult and dark time for those who loved the LORD and sought to be faithful to Him. America has had its ups and downs spiritually but has never seen anything like what the Jews experienced at that time, and there’s no guarantee that this won’t happen in America at some point. This is why we fast!  To seek favor, forgiveness, and blessing from God so that He will have mercy on the nation and bring increased freedom and blessing.

Christians must know their God. To be Christian in name alone is not enough. Through a thorough reading of the Scriptures and direct experiences with God Himself, Christians are to eagerly learn the ways of God and know what He’s like. Like all things that are worthwhile, it takes effort, sacrifice, and sustained effort. He is worth it!  Nothing is better than knowing the everlasting God. 

Christians shall stand firm. As pressure comes against Christians, and because they know God very well, they will be able to resist the ways of the world, refusing to succumb to its demands. They will not adopt the world’s ways regarding sexuality, passivity, and greed. Because of their internal strength, the world shall not seduce them into its ways of thinking. 

Christians shall take action. More than just standing, and resisting the temptations of the world, Christians have the faith and spiritual armor to take action for God’s purposes. They pray and fast continually; they share the gospel with loved ones and their city; they proclaim God’s righteous ways in all the social spheres of society. 

Truly, Christians are overcomers — brave men and women of faith who love God in the face of the most difficult circumstances. What could be a better testimony to the world, than God’s loving followers who are faithful to Him no matter the cost?  It’s a supernatural love that brings great pleasure to the heart of God.

He will give you strength to be faithful to Him!  During this ten-day fast He has been fortifying you and giving your prayers special weight. He will bless you and take you to a new level because of your faithfulness and zeal in seeking His face. 

It’s been a pleasure to seek the Lord with you at this time. 

Dear God, may all participating in the fast be undefiled and fully strengthened in You for every good purpose You have for them in the future.

Yours in Christ,

Matt Bennett
Founder and CEO, Christian Union

991 People Fasting

Join with the believers who have committed themselves to fasting for twenty-one days.

Why Fast?

Fasting was practiced in the Old Testament, New Testament and in church history to entreat God for Him to move in extraordinary ways. We need God in the U.S. now more than ever.

Moses fasted 40 days, Nehemiah fasted 120 days, and large numbers of Jews in Esther's time fasted for 70 days in their time of need.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says that when we humble ourselves and confess our sins, God intervenes in history to heal our land. In Psalm 35:13 King David humbled himself through fasting and many others in the Scriptures have done the same to gain favor from God. Moses fasted 40 days, Nehemiah fasted 120 days, and large numbers of Jews in Esther’s time fasted for 70 days in their time of need. Jesus fasted 40 days, Christians in the book of Acts fasted regularly, and believers for 2000 years have sought God through fasting and prayer. Thousands of American Christians humbling themselves through an extended fast will be very meaningful to God and will help move Him, according to His Word, to bring change to the U.S.

How to Fast

The fast lasts for ten days, beginning Monday, January 20th through Wednesday, January 29th, 2020. As a signed-up participant, you will receive an email each morning of the fast, featuring a devotional to encourage and motivate you as you fast.

You may choose to fast from foods for the entire ten days -- drinking only liquids -- or you may choose to fast one or two meals each day. However God leads you, we are thrilled to have you be a part.

Don't be afraid to take on this biblical challenge to draw closer to God and see Him exalt you as you humble yourself through fasting.

If you don’t have a lot of experience fasting, this may be a challenging endeavor. Christians throughout the centuries have sought God through fasting and have found Him in wonderful ways as a result. Don’t be afraid to take on this biblical challenge to draw closer to God and see Him exalt those who humble themselves through fasting.

Fasting Resources

American Christians are often unfamiliar with the practice even though fasting was common for Christians through the centuries and is regularly done in the international Church. For more information check out this FAQ for Fasting and this curated list of resources.

God's Next Move in America

America’s Christian heritage is among the greatest of all the nations in the world. God’s Kingdom has thrived here through the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s, largely due to nationwide moves of God’s Spirit. We need another history-making move of God. By His sovereign grace, God ensures that we play a part in Heaven’s work. He draws near to us when we draw near to Him (James 4:8). We must ask, seek, and knock for an outpouring of His Spirit (Luke 11:5-13).

“Whenever God is about to do something truly great,
He first sets His people praying!” Matthew Henry, 1662-1714